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Standard range of our seals for hydraulic systems can be found in the catalog of the 2013th, which is available here for download in PDF format (only in Croatian for now). In addition to the products range here you can find a number of important technical data, characteristics of elastomers, installation instructions, etc., which will certainly be useful if your job includes work with hydraulic systems.

If you please we can send a printed version of the same catalog to your adress (inside EU). Please just send us a request via e-mail or contact form from the contact page.

Preuzmite brošuru

Rotary sealing set type RBS-U

Relatively frequently we are expanding our products range with a brand new lines.So we will regularly publish newer versions of the catalog, and in the meantime we will publish brochures with new individual product groups.

One such booklet is already available for download (in Croatian for now), and is dedicated to the rotary seal set type RBS-U.


Installation of  the PBS-U and PBS-V type sealing sets

Over the years of practice we noticed that users of  PTFE sealing sets PBS-U and PBS-V type, due to improper installation, damages brand new sealing sets. To assist users when installing PTFE sealing sets we are bringing here a brochure dedicated to the theme of installation of said sets.


Catalog and brochures viewing requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.


Available downloads:

Product Catalog 2013.

Rotary sealing set type RBS-U

Installation of the PBS-U and PBS-V type sealing sets

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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