Composite materials

Elasto Ltd is the distributor of composite materials manufactured by Tufcot Engineering Ltd.

Tufcot Engineering Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of composite materials.

What is Tufcot?

Tufcot is  a composite Engineering material manufactured from Synthetic fibres and thermosetting resins. All grades of Tufcot are available with solid lubricant incorporated. The various grades contain either Graphite, P.T.F.E, Ceramic Powder or Molybdenum Disulphide dispersed evenly throughout the material, so that the wear of a components surface continually releases further lubricant.

Tufcot offers  the design engineer an attractive alternative to traditional materials used throughout industry for bushes, bearings, wear pads, and many more applications. Tufcot is only 1/6th the weight of steel, is easily machined and has exceptional dimensional stability, even in wet conditions. Tufcot is highly recommended for use where other forms of lubricant are either not desirable, intermittent or non-existent.

In addition, in numerous cases where the maintenance of lubricant films is difficult this type of material has been found to give improved performance. Special performance or properties such as fire retardance and acid resistance can be obtained by variations in either resin or fabric reinforcement.

Machined Products


The wear pads are used in Slide bearings, conveyor guides, scrapers and friction plates; predominantly used in the Textiles, Food and Rail Industries.



The above thrust washers are used as lubricated spacers between the bush and application, the hard wearing nature of this material offers a long life and cost effective method of lubrication and protection.


BrodogradnjaRings/Self Aligning Bearings

Tufcot wear rings of fabric composite materials are used in Hydraulic Cylinders which are subject to high loads such as can occur in mobile hydraulics and press construction. The high compressive strength, good sliding behavior and the exceptional wear resistance properties ensure a long life service.

Tufcot Guide bands are made from a fabric reinforced polyester resin engineered for high performance as guide bands or wear strips. A very high compressive strength of 50,000 psi makes Tufcot the superior choice for those tough applications where high side loadings or mis-alignment are present. Unlike many other composite materials, Tufcot will not fracture under excessive loading, making it perfect for applications which experience high shock loading or high edge loading.


Tufcot bushes are fabric composite materials of fine weave plastic fabrics impregnated with special thermo setting polyester resins. In order to improve their mechanical properties – in particular the friction coefficient – the resin is mixed with additives. Due to the wide range of materials with different mechanical and chemical properties they are applicable to a large number of specific applications.

 Solid Rods

We also produce solid rods which come in varying sizes. Please contact us for more details on rod sizes.

Semi-finished Products

Semi-finished product is available in a variety of sizes and colours as required by the customer. Tube can be supplied in either thin wall or thick wall, offering the customer easier and more cost effective machining; saving both time and money in machine operating costs.

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